RMU Idol:


RMU Idol is a talent contest held at Robert Morris University. The show is based off the show "American Idol" and allows students to compete and sing and front of their classmates and faculty for the prize of being RMU's singing idol.


Create a logo and posters for the event that can be displayed both digitally and in print.


The goal of the project was to take an already existing show "American Idol" and adapt it for RMU's use. To do this, the color palette and type style were adapted for the new logo. RMU also has a third logo which is the star. These stars were integrated into the Idol typeface and characters. With these elements the two ideas merge into one logo for one function. The type on the poster needed to be legible above all else so a heavy san serif font was used. The project overall was interesting in that it was primarily an adaptation of two elements becoming one and eventually their own identity entirely.

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