Josh Elsass:


Josh Elsass is a recent graduate of Robert Morris University who is a video producer. He had asked for a branding Identity that would be memorable and something that evokes his character.


Create a logo and identity for Josh Elsass to be used in other applications such as business cards, stationery, and a website.


Josh loves hockey and music so, to convert this personality into a logo the goal was to keep a clean fast look for the hockey side of him and a grungy color palette for his love of music. The logo is enclosed in a camera lens to show that he is a videographer. Another purpose of the logo was to show the level of professionalism that Josh brings to every shoot. To display this there is a watermark in the background similar to the paramount pictures logo created out of the letters of Josh's name. This was done to create a subconscious view of an already trusted video company and show Josh in the same light.

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