WINGS is a fictional wetlands conservation group based in Louisiana. The project was to establish a brand that displays the cause of protecting the wetlands in a serious manner. WINGS came about after researching the primary goals of wetland conservation in Louisiana and narrowing the focus to protecting the birds of the wetlands.


Create an informational handout to distribute to potential members of the fictional company. The handout consists of the WINGS logo and branding along with the facts about the Louisiana wetlands.


WIth the design of the WINGS brand the goal was to look as official and classic as possible. When looking into conservation groups, majority of people are searching for something serious, that has been around for awhile, and looks like they mean what they are promoting. The logo was a result of searching for birds of the Louisiana wetlands and drawing them out. Eventually the large heron picture became the most predominate symbol. Then this image was placed in a circular emblem to show stability and longevity of the company.

With the poster the goal was to use type radically to show how the wetlands are being impacted. Wetlands are a dying ecosystem and by displaying the type in a distressed random way the immediate nature of the problem is evident. The goal of the poster was to create something that looks urgent to encourage support for WINGS.