Sill-O-Tera is a fictional fabric company. They specialize in tough light outdoor fiber materials. Sill-O-Tera's name is derived from "Sill" meaning "silk-like" and "Tera" from the Greek "Ptera", meaning winged animal. This name is important because the majority of Sill-O-Tera's fabrics are synthetic silk. Silk is derived from silkworms so naturally the next evolution in silk woul be a silk moth, or "Sill-O-Tera".


Create a branding identity and process for Sill-O-Tera.


The goal of the project was to take the concept of the "silkmoth" and bring it to life in a suitable manner for a synthetic fiber company. The logo itself was designed to show the sophistication of a moth and the strength of a realiable cloth. The strength is shown in the face pattern hidden in the moth. It appears as a tough bug face to highlight the strength of the fiber. While the moth itself reasembles the softness and quality of the material. Together, they make up strength and sophistication.

Silotera Process