Funnel Vision/ Dr. Juice:


Responsible for the entirety of branding, web, and social media for Funnel Vision and Dr. Juice Vapor Liquid. These two companies under the same ownership existed from 2014-2016 in the "Craft Vape" market in Pittsburgh. In the first year of online sales the company saw over $100,000 processed through online transactions. Since the vape tax laws in 2016 unfortunately both businesses have not been able to keep up with larger scale operations as margins and regulations increased.


Create branding, identity, web, and design associated with Funnel Vision and Dr. Juice Vapor Liquid


The goal of this design was to create a fun take on the beloved funnel cake in vape form. Focused on carnival and "finding your fun" Funnel Vision was a quick success in the heels of an already successful Dr. Juice product. Trying to capture the excitement of the product on social media was a challenge. One of the primary focuses was giveaways and flash sales to coincide with new flavors or generating buzz.