Nouvelle Crocodeli:


Nouvelle Crocodeli is a fictional restaurant based in the bayou of Louisiana. The restaraunt is a combination of Cajun cuisine and fine dining.


Create a logo, menu, and business card for the fictional company to reflect the nature of the restaurant.


With Nouvelle Crocodeli, the goal was to create the elegance of fine dining and blend it with the rough-and-tumble nature of the Cajun people. The logo was designed to represent one of the main stays of the Cajun cuisine, the crocodile. The two crocodiles are placed in a circular pattern eating eachothers tails to resemble the challenges of living in the swamp. The typeface represents the elegance of fine dining with a beautiful script displaying Nouvelle Crocodeli.

The goal of the menu was to be an easy read but also to show a structure similar to the logo. The background leaf texture carries the weight of the Cajun lifestyle while the type continues the elegance of fine dining.

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